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Details Summer Startup Chapter 8

Summer Startup Ch. 08 | All in the Details

September 23, 2015 - Professional Website Designer - ,

Summer Startup Ch. 08 | All in the Details

Hellloooooooo World,

Our sincerest apologies for taking a while to release this chapter in the series. Lately, we have been banging away at our newest project, really nailing down the details. Back in the day of job interviews, I would tell the interviewer that my negative trait would be, getting caught up in the details. Sounds good, right? It is one of those negative, but positive characteristics all those blogs tell you to say during your interviews. But now I realize you have to get hung up on the details. The details are what make the project/brand/company stand out from the rest. The details are important. What are some of the crucial details that we at Creative Revolution pay attention to? (Certainly not ending a sentence with a preposition, wink wink.)

Color theory. I’ve been yapping about color theory for a little while now, but I feel as if the concept does not get pounded into our brains, or at least some of us are not absorbing that information. Every now and again I will come across a company profile that completely dismisses any concept of color theory. You are seeing 45 different shades being mashed together in a hectic, yet bizarre rainbow of colors. Colors need to be harmonious, whether they compliment one another through addition or subtraction of colors. Do yourself a favor, get a color wheel, look at it, study it. Even better, check out Adobe Color CC.

Next detail, ironing out logos. Logos, great logos, take time conceptualize, sketch, draft, edit, redraft, and finalize in Illustrator. You want that $15 logo you see being advertised on Twitter, or that free logo generator you get with some complimentary service (e.g. Squarespace), by all means, go for it. Just know this, you will get a $15 or free logo in return, and it will reflect in your overall appearance, and brand appearance is HUGE. Donald Trump Huge When I think of the demographic for those cheap logos, I think of scamming businesses (think multilevel marketing) that are constantly changing their company name, always on the move. Their websites are bland; their logos are generic, these are the type of people that spend $15 on a logo. Do yourself a favor and get a decent logo. You can get one for a few hundred dollars, which will come with a background of the concept, scalability, and usability. Speaking of logo design, scoop our creative design page for hourly rates, for a small budget logo design we typically quote 5-6 hours of labor. However, each project is different, everyone has different needs, and therefore processes vary. Some logos take a few hours, and some take a few months.

There are plenty of other details that we get hung up, but for now, we gotta hit that drawing board -the area that we keep our detail list organized. Want to start nailing down the details? Do yourself a favor, get yourself an organizer, a whiteboard/chalkboard; start writing down ideas and break them down into a few levels. Get cracking, cheers people!

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