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Summer Startup Ch. 02 | Grind Through the Flu

July 10, 2015 - Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Website Design - , , , , , ,

Summer Startup Ch. 02 | Grind Through the Flu

Hellloooooo friends,

This week has been a bit unusual. Stopped by a local business regarding some web design work; they run a small chain of stores in the Boston area – would be pretty amped if that worked out. Word on the street is they were looking to revamp their website, and after reviewing their current site I am inclined to agree. Only managed to get in touch with the manager, waiting to hear from the owners, so I’ll keep you updated on that. By the way, if you are wondering, we are offering deals on web design for any clients looking to redo their website, or perhaps you do not have a website at all. We list our prices up front, as seen on this site. Right now, you can get our promotional deal for $700 upfront, and $29 per month. That includes any domain/URL transfers, registrations, and a year of hosting. The monthly fee is our maintenance charge – which gets you a monthly backup of your site, and any site update. For example, you want to add some blog material, add/delete a product, change inventory, alter photos/descriptions, anything of that nature. The monthly fee helps spread out the cost of the website, that way small businesses or startups are not hit with such large initial costs. Let us know how to feel about those costs too. Do you think it is too pricey, too cheap? Give us your thoughts.

Ok, so back to the week, which I had mentioned before being a bit unusual. Rocked Monday, and then Monday night I got rocked. The full-blown flu just took over, and I felt as if I was on my deathbed. This put a bit of a damper on the workflow but managed to catch up on some social media content and blog readings. Side note – I always find myself reading tweets, clicking on links, and then bookmarking those links that I find interesting. In the past few months, I’ve managed to bookmark hundreds of links about marketing, SEO, social media management, Twitter (all that jazz), and I rarely have time to sit down and read them. The flu allowed me to catch up on that a little bit. Even when you are battling the feeling of melting/freezing at the same time, you have to grind through it. If you must, toss back a dose of meds, fire up your tablet, bust out some reading material or hop on Hootsuite (or preferred social media suite), and blast through some work. After a few days of laying in bed, I decided I needed to hit the gym, stretch my legs, crush some weights, and sweat out the nasty. Worked like a charm. Anyways, I am not trying to sit here and type inspirational quotes about life. Just get it done folks, plain and simple.

Also want to announce that we will be starting a new personal project, which will involve some design, coding, creativity, yadda yadda yadda. When the details are ready, we will make an official announcement. So keep your eyes out for that. This particular project should be pretty trick, and hopefully, play out as a nice little tool for you guys to use. I found a little inspiration for this project from a subreddit; I won’t say which one yet!

Finally, I am contemplating supplementing this blog series with a video series, a pseudo vlog. I would use the blog as more of a transcript, synopsis of the video. Let us know your thoughts. Reach out to us via Twitter.

Keep grinding people.

I am the one who likes cupcakes.

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