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Social Media for Small Business

January 21, 2016 - Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy - ,

Social Media for Small Business

Do you ever wonder how your competitors are generating so many leads? Over 96% of small businesses agree that social media is an absolute necessity when it comes to advertising and lead generation. Many small businesses utilize social media as a large component of their advertising, as it uses a limited budget. In a world of digital marketing, social media can reach a larger scope of individuals that traditional marketing could only dream of, especially taking into account budgetary concerns. However, spending time monitoring your social media channels, reaching out to customers, fielding questions can be taxing on a small business owners time. This is something we, at Creative Revolution, understand greatly. This is why we offer social media management services for your small business or startup. We save you the time and the money, with the benefits of having your social channels firing on all cylinders, packaged with analytics and reporting.

Small business social media can be a daunting task. It all starts with a strong strategy, which can be broken down by using the proper channels, keywords, and content. This strategy is defined by your target audience and where they tend to gather, as well as, what they are searching for on the internet. Then you need to define the problem you are trying to solve for these individuals. With their problems, lies your solution, and the solution is directly portrayed in your messages posted on social media.

Once you have defined your audience, their needs, and your message; we immerse ourselves in the constantly evolving worlds of social media channels. Each with their unique characteristics, audience types, and message styles. To generate leads, your website will be the main benefactor in the social media strategy. Driving users to your website, where you capture leads through powerful landing pages, connecting them to you. This is known as the call to action (CTA) and is widely overlooked when developing websites to capture leads.

Small Business Social Media

We can start to see the path of your small business social media. But if time is your big concern, try limiting yourself to 1 or 2 channels at the start. You will need to incorporate your social media into your daily agenda. It can be as simple as squaring away an hour in the morning. Programs like HootSuite and Buffer offer automated message postings, allowing you to schedule a week’s worth of messages in one sit down. Start delivering your messages, hitting those keywords and hashtags that are being searched. In addition to your messages, try connecting with other business owners. Use social media as a networking tool, exchanging tips and information. Offer your viewers tips, in conjunction with curated messages that you have accumulated. Encourage your audience to reach out via social media.

Consistency is the name of the game, build a voice that directly correlates to your brand. Tell your message the same way you would tell your customers in person. Keep everything relevant. And keep posting! Your channels need constant action, which is why it is important to keep a consistent flow of messages. Once a week is not going to build an audience or generate clicks on your website.

social media for small business

social media for small business

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