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Christian Guzman Alphalete Article

Building Big Brands and Big Muscles

March 2, 2015 - Branding, Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Youtube - , , , ,

Building Big Brands and Big Muscles

To be in top physical shape consistency is the name of the game. Many Youtube fitness personalities emphasis consistency as being the most important aspect of achieving the physical appearance that one desires. However, in the world of Youtube fitness personalities, consistency is also a major factor. Here is how a rising star went from the university gym to building big brands and big muscles.

It was only a few years ago when a young and vivacious personality started recording his workout routines and showcasing the hard work it takes to lift heavy, and look good while doing so. What he probably didn’t know back then was, he was slowly developing his brand – backed by his openness, authentic nature, and ability to put out gobs of high-quality content.

Christian Guzman is the name of the fella that I am describing and he has risen from the pack of many fitness channels. Remembering the early days of recording; with odd looks from bystanders, likely wondering what this person was recording. Christian managed to put out consistent material on his Youtube Channel, often known as a VLOG. His consistency gave early subscribers content on a regular basis while bringing his fresh approach to lifting and dieting. The channel had an emphasis on being informal, entertaining, but always high quality. A proper introduction was eventually introduced, and the production of his videos improved as he would take us on field trips to Best Buy to source better quality cameras.

In the world of fitness, “gains” is a term used for packing on lean muscle. Christian made serious “gains” in the form of muscle and followers. His channel amassed thousands of followers at a time. Youtube subscribers, twitter followers, Instagram likes, you name it, his brand was developing, and at a rapid rate. As his exposure started to develop, both Christian and businesses took note. Christian started to develop a tangible brand: a line of dieting plans, workout plans, in addition to fashionable merchandise. While big fitness companies like Cellucor (and up and coming Gymshark too) offered endorsement deals for products, he was already using (remember to use CGUZMAN as your discount code). This was when the metaphorical ball started to get rolling.

Business must have been good, a new, albeit smaller gym was started by Christian; a noticeably proud achievement for him and his close friends. Spray painted on the walls, “Proud but never satisfied”, the motto of the young entrepreneur. Living up to his motto, Christian hinted that something big was about to drop. Alphalete, the re-adaptation of his original brand. Call it a rebranding strategy, a whole new line of merchandise, a brand new fitness facility, and a cute new puppy mascot.

Sales must be off the charts; he packs moving trucks to ship out his merchandise. And if you are into social media statistics, subscribers numbers are growing at astronomical rates. He is an official partner with Youtube, likely earning an additional income stream, which he will undoubtedly reinvest in further increasing his brand’s growth.

So what can we learn from Christian Guzman’s success story? To be a player in the game, consistency, hard work, the power to motivate others, and a charming smile can set your brand apart from the rest. He motivates us all to not only work out but to better ourselves on a personal level. We wish him continued success as we eagerly anticipate a new video from his Youtube fitness channel.

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