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  • Date 08/04/2015
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Creative Revolution is currently launching a new online community that focuses on the buying, selling, and trading of rare and exotic goods. This community will be known as Pubusi, which simply correlates to “a person may ask a neighbor for any material possession.” The core concept of this business was conceived when one of the owners lost a material possession and was unable to find the item online – to which they wondered, why can’t I put a posting for this item? I know where the item is physically located, I could find it on a map, but not online. If only someone nearby the location could pick up the item and ship it to me for a small cost.

Creative Revolution is tasked with developing a two part web design process. Stage one of the process is to design and implement a “coming soon” landing page. This page will be landing page for crowd funding sites, in addition it will be used to collect e-mail addresses for when the full site goes live. Stage two tasks Creative Revolution with designing, developing, and managing the full core site. This will include regular backups of databases, email account setups, traffic monitoring.

Pubusi also asked of Creative Revolution to develop a full fledge marketing strategy, which will include Pay Per Click campaigns, social media strategy and management, search engine optimization.

We will keep you updated periodically on the progress of the brand and all of the marketing aspects. Keep a look out for our blog, Summer Startup, which will go in-depth on the brand of Pubusi.

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