Lubbock Security


  • Client Greg McDonnell
  • Date 11/10/2016
  • Categories Graphic Design, Website Design
  • Lubbock Security
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Lubbock Security

Greg McDonnell approached us on a Thursday morning asking our team if we could quickly build and launch a site. We discussed very briefly what the overall vision was, as well as a brief explanation of their services. We had a major deadline…48 hours to go live. Realistically, we could have launched in 24 hours, however, we did some additional graphic work and some registration information.

Greg asked us to choose a domain name that would reflect the business, plus set up a hosting channel and email account. We setup a website that was responsive, fast, search engine friendly, optimized for on-page content. We managed to design a quick logo, fast-tracked some copywriting, hand-picked custom stock footage at no cost.

If you have a rush job needed, please feel free to contact us. We can rush deliver websites within 48 hours.

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